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This is an absolutely charming aria for Farinelli, composed by his brother Riccardo Broschi (c.1698-1756).  Well, who’s Farinelli?  Carlo Broschi detto Farinelli (1705-1782) is his full name, the great singer whose art was his voice, the voice after castration (“a boy’s voice temporarily sheltered from natural ageing”); however, in his era, that voice made fame and money in the operatic career.  Those long “coloratura” showed his physical power alongside a pure feminine vocal range.  “Farinelli” itself is a very touching film (1994, directed by Gérard Corbiau) telling the life story of Farinelli himself, his struggles, sentimentality, his fate being a castrato.  I select for this post an aria that I love very much, sung by the talented mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux, the beauty of the music, her way of singing, and the depth of the emotion (especially in the last 4 minutes of the video), all are not to be missed by classical music lovers…  Of course I highly recommend the film, one of the most beautiful films that I ever watched, including great music of Handel, Porpora, Giacomelli, Hasse, etc…



Lyrics : Ombra fedele anch’io

Ombra fedele anch’io
Sul margine di Lete
Seguir vo’ l’idol mio
Che tanto adoro.

Che bella gioia é questa
Che consolarsen resta
Clip Ombra Fedela Anch’io

Il mio martoro.

(As a faithful shade, I too on the banks of Lethe, will follow my idol, whom I so adore.  What lovely peace is this, that alone can console my suffering.)

(source : harmoniamundi.com)

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